sped up

To bring any of you that are left following out there up to speed....
We got engaged over the Christmas Holiday. It was very intimate and very sweet, and unexpected. He was so nervous it was adorable. I did the girlie bit and cried and said "yes".

We've been doing a little wedding planning here and there and I'm sure I will share more later... but how cute are these darn wedding invitations? A record player? Seriously? I'm trying to think of what song I would use...
needless to say I am in love.

Paper Record Player from kellianderson on Vimeo.

We did a little redecorating the other day and I found a better spot for the record player. A little vinyl makes such a difference in the day.

xo, erin



Even though I've been sick all week, all I really wanted to do was spend New Years in our warm little house snuggled up with my boyfriend and our dog.
I've never been one to want to deal with all the mass hoopla that happens on the eve, but these photos are making me feel differently for this upcoming new year... I can dream for net year, but until then I've some laundry and a New Years Day dinner to prepare. We're having some black eyed peas, my Grandmother always says they're good luck.



the last couple of weeks

Have been an absolute blur... and this blog as well as my etsy updates have paid the consequences!!
I played host to some out of town friends and was able to play tourist in my own city, eat lots of yummy foods, go to neighborhood bars to listen to music and stay up way past my bed time.  
The boyfriend and I have also adopted a little rescue pup from the shelter.  We had been looking for a while, and finally found her.  She's quite the handful but loves us dearly and is going to grow up to be the most well mannered lil dog.  I can feel it.
Some shots of the city of brotherly love... 
And introducing Miss Gracie-Loo

Stay tuned, more items being added to the shop shortly!!
xo, Erin


sorbet & summer

My favorite gelato/sorbet place is here in the city.  They post their flavors of the day daily.. and they are always mouth watering!  I swear.
For instance...

*Cucumber with Grey Goose Vodka
Clean, refreshing, cucumber sorbetto blended with Grey Goose Vodka.
* Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla
We have tried every type of vanilla bean and this was my favorite. Gelato is low fat and needs a special type of vanilla.
* Mojito
Tart lime, cool Overbrook Herb Farm mint and rum.
* Pompelmo Rosso con Campari
Ruby Red Grapefruit with Campari

This is just a sampling. It's ridiculously good!
Makes my mouth water just thinking of it.  Maybe later... but for now, here are some sorbet inspired pieces in the shop for you to enjoy.


upstate NY

I got off the plane from California and almost immediately jumped right back in the car for a little road trip to upstate NY.  Our friend was sponsoring a Terry Gilliam triple feature at a historic theatre up there.  They had gotten the 35mm prints for Time Bandits, Life of Brian, and Brazil. The theatre was restored and quite beautiful, she still had lots of charm left in her. We were able to do some running around, attempted to ride horses, hit an antique shop and saw some friends.  Great little weekend away from home.